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About Kratom


Welcome everybody who wants to get information about Kratom that goes a bit beyond the usual crap that the commercial sites are blabbering about.

We will try to give you a comprehensive guide about all the different aspects known about mitragyna speciosa – so goes the scientific name of this wonderful plant. We have used and included multiple sources for this guide: medical and scientific research, historical quotations, own experiences and bulks of shared information by those millions of Kratom users out there on this planet.

But please note: there are surely lots of things still unknown about Kratom. So do not take the information in this guide as a pillar of wisdom, a spring of eternal truth or even a piece of solid medical data – there has indeed not been done a lot of real scientific research either on the alkaloids contained in the Kratom leaves nor on the long term effects that continuous use would or could have on the human body and mind.

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