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How do I take Kratom?

Posted in How do I take Kratom?

Just as you see fit. Depending on the preparation it can be smoked, injected or taken as food. There seem to be very few people though that really inject it, and if smoked it seems to be less efficient. So the overwhelming majority of Kratom users will take it mixed with food or drinks, this is by far in my opinion the only correct way to consume kratom.

My granny always said: “There is no such thing as a tasty medicine.” Well, to her standards Kratom must have been a good medicine: it is very bitter.

Now, different people have different palates and tolerances for bitter. Also Kratom products may come as capsules (ready for swallowing), as leaves with stems (acceptable as tea with honey), as crushed leaves (decent taste if mixed with peanut butter), as powder (power up your pumpkin soup), as a paste (stuff it up your …) or as kratom liquid (banana milk shake).

If you like rituals, you can bake Kratom into cookies (make sure you use enough sugar) – but NEVER – take it with other medicine or with alcohol. There is not enough data available to exclude unwanted or dangerous results.

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